Proudly manufactured in Australia by:
GP & GF Hill Pty Ltd

Venco has been manufacturing potters wheels since 1979. We are world renowned for high quality, reliable and low priced potters wheels. This is reflected in our sales of over 40,000 wheels worldwide. 

Venco have released an innovative  wheel with many unique word leading features. The Direct drive, as the name implies uses no belts or gears - the motor is directly coupled to the wheel head. The motor is an  550W (3/4hp) permanent magnet unit which operates almost silently. The motor is driven by a purpose built intelligent control system which delivers smooth precise power and incredible torque, even at very low speeds.  The body of the Direct drive wheel is made from durable brushed stainless steel and the tray is made from die-cast marine grade aluminium for the longest possible life.

Our product line is made up of four different models:

  1. Cone Drive No3 & No5 standard potters wheel
  2. Compact Cone Drive potters wheel
  3. The Direct Drive potters wheel

Various options are available for each model.

Details of each of our  wheels are available by clicking on the above tabs.